Ice Bound Ships

ice ships-1  Good ole #2 pencil on drawing paper 11″x17″  ( 2009) Original drawing. 

The image was a study sketch for a video story. It turned out well enough to use without further rendering and was one of three. I will post the other two when I find them.

The story was about the French Navy attacking the Dutch ports. Their ships, carried horses, weapons and men enough to lay siege to the ports. A strange cold freeze came across the harbor the night before the attack and every ship became icebound in the great harbor, so they unloaded the horses and men to attack, but as suddenly as the freeze came, warm streams of water beneath the ice caused it to melt; with heavy armor and weapons, the horses, men and weapons all fell through the unstable ice and the men drowned. (This was their second failure at the campaign).




5 thoughts on “Ice Bound Ships

    1. eightdecades Post author

      Thank you for taking a look at my new blog site.
      This afternoon when I am done posting I shall visit yours as well.
      I will post the other drawings of Ice ships when I can locate them.


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