© John Michael Cook

Endion Station

endion station

Endion Station, located in Canal Park, Duluth, MN.

On site sketch (2005), rendered in graphite on illustration board 8″x10.” Some tonal work was done with the Aquarell water pencil

The Duluth, Missabe and Iron Range Endion Depot is a historic railroad depot in Duluth, Minnesota.   Built in 1899 for passengers and freight. It was formerly located at South Street and 15th Avenue East. The Interstate 35 extension in 1985, necessitated moving the building; it was relocated to Canal Park.  It features fine brick and stone architectural detailing and craftsmanship. The building is designed with projecting gables that form a transept. Its architect was I. Vernon Hill. The stone came from the Kettle River quarries near Sandstone, Minnesota.



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