© John Michael Cook

Seagulls on St. Louis River

Two Seagulls (Friends) 18.5"x28.75"   Friends in Flight (20″x30″ acrylic with brush on Canson Illustration board).

Standing high on a bluff (700 ft.) overlooking the St. Louis River south of Duluth, MN, I saw these seagulls crest over the edge of the bluff and swoop down over 3 miles to Lake Superior in search of food. A bird has to work hard in winter and It was winter 2005 and the lake was frozen but the river had some openings that allowed these sky hunters access to the St. Louis River bounty. With an approaching storm, I couldn’t tell where land, water and sky began and ended! Acrylic paint allowed for glazing (layering between passages), and then overpainting the bird pair



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