Moonlit Garden

Hearts-Intents_web  Graphite on light bond paper, 11″x17″ (2002).

Often when a first doodling turns to a sketch, it seems words take part in the making of an idea. This was a case where a poem came into mind as the doodle became a drawing, and after a bit it became a rendering of a whole concept. The poem was setting there waiting for an image.

Often it is engaging to start a sketch with a basic shape, in this case a circle, and after giving a few guide lines it looked as a crescent moon. With a little dabbling it soon became a moonlit garden and it needed people.  It is unusual for me to come at a picture this way; I usually “see” the idea and refine it rather than see a refinement become a picture.

It is both disappointing and delighting to “find” an image rather than “create” an Idea.

This happens with watercolor painting, and painters a lot, the finding or accidental flowering of a great painting controlled but not contrived. They call them happy accident paintings, and over time take credit for the guided masterpiece.  I suppose it is true that mastery of the medium is a form of creating.  To me, it is more rewarding to see and then render, than to render and then see.




3 thoughts on “Moonlit Garden

  1. WordsFallFromMyEyes

    I really love your art, and I love to read of your inspiration. You are truly an artist. Beautiful, beautiful thoughts and works.

    1. eightdecades Post author

      Thank you so much, Here in the quiet of my studio, many long nights and days go by without hearing from very many people. Family of course is warmly there, but others not so much.
      I have enjoyed discovering the blogging world and people such as yourself who respond to postings. Isn’t it thrilling to hear from others?

      1. WordsFallFromMyEyes

        It is thrilling to hear from others, yes. I am much a loner writer many a day, yet to think someone in the US or England or India has read me and replied to me in the vein of their life and views. Love it! 🙂

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