Feathers and Leaves


Feathers and leaves mandala

Felt tip pens and colored pencil 8″x8″ on bristol board.

This was a doodle to begin with, actually a half design scanned and flipped into a whole circle.  I do many of these types of images because I love the graphic outcome of a rendered doodle gone into art.  It is good practice for both hand and mind to make symmetrical images that have a self-justifying existence, yet mean nothing other than they are art. The mandala shape seems to have root in all ancient designs and in our mind as well.  Once a circle is drawn and filled with a design, it implies a meaning.  It is interesting how mandalas take on a life of their own as people assign a meaning to them.  Throughout history many such designs are attached to very meaningful causes and organizations.  This one is a practice doodle so don’t get too carried away.

It means I had fun!




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