Cherry-sketch_web  Graphite on bristol paper 8″x8″

One very hard thing for any artist to do is to justify or explain drawing a finished something for no reason, for no outcome, or even for no income.  Especially when there are so many other works we intend or need to do, want to do, and have set ourselves to do.  It is a great challenge to pick up a pencil, have the muse come and make you want to do a drawing that you just can’t say why you should, or what it means or even that it means anything at all.  Like doing a cherry (when I know I should be doing the other thing I also wanted to get done).  I do many drawings like that; actually, most of my work starts like that.  This “cherry” is one of them.  I have done enough like this that they may actually become a series.

On the other hand (or mind), we get swept up in just doing a “cherry” drawing for no purpose.  Then, at some point that sketch becomes a drawing and begins to demand some serious time in order to make it “good enough” to lift it up from a sketch, not discardable and not make you wish the time had been better spent.  That is when that drawing becomes a rendering. One could write a whole book on that moment. Then several years or so after you have spent that time, stuffed it into a forgotten place, re-stumbled across it, you then decide to post it on the internet of all places.  This “cherry” image has been stuffed in the bottom of a drawer beneath “good drawings” until rediscovering it yesterday, and I said, “There is my next post, I actually like this drawing.” I hope you do, too.

So I have this stack of “time spent drawings” tucked away, and only a few of these will see the light of day.  There are “better” sketches wishing to become renderings; they have their own sketchy personality and will probably forever remain as they are, too.  Time spent will most likely be on new responses to the muse.  Most often a sketch begins with a #2 “yellow” pencil.  Using graphite allows a drawing to progress beyond a sketch, it can go the distance and hold up over time.  So nowadays, as soon as I think a drawing can go the distance, I switch to a graphite or more expensive pencil tool, get on bristol board or illustration paper and continue.  I have learned this; keep good paper and drawing tools nearby.




3 thoughts on “Cherry

    1. eightdecades Post author

      Thank you for your comment and appreciation. Fabric art and anything textile is a great artistic expression, some of the oldest art in the world is in fabric, or on fabric.
      It is all a form of pattern, like singing or music, the space between notes makes the music beautiful, and the tone of the notes takes us there. Tapestry is rhythm and pattern, drawing is dark and light, Painting is tone and texture, who is to call one over the other. Art is!
      Thanks for looking in on my blog. I appreciate it.

  1. Charlotte Hoather

    Hi John, I have so enjoyed these pictures. You have great composition and imagery my close. I have always loved to create art but my pieces have mainly been fabric art and abstract pieces.

    Best wishes


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