Shelve It

Everyone is different, but one thing is the same – no one has enough room in their studio!

Most people don’t realize that lumber companies will cut lumber purchases to order.

Shelf tip:  Get a couple 4’x6′ beams 8 feet long (pine) from the lumber store.  Have them cut into 11″ long blocks (8) from each beam; also get 3 -1″x12″x8 foot boards (pine), have them cut into 3 equal pieces each (9 shelves).

To separate the shelves, you can use the 4″X8″ blocks from beams or larger (also sized from larger material at the lumber yard), and longer shelves if you have the room.

Now you have a set of shelves that can be moved around or fit into almost any studio, set on tables or stacked in corners.  Need more, do it again.  They will stack very stable, hold hundreds of pounds and are very easily changeable.  There are cheaper materials, but few more stable or flexible and interchangeable.




4 thoughts on “Shelve It

  1. Seyi sandra

    I used to draw during my university days, my dad was a graphic artist, he even had a PhD or something of the sort from Florida State University. I wished I had pursued my artistic side, but I can’t have it all. I chose the written word. I’ve spent a while on your blog today and it’s just awesome. It’s a worthwhile experience for me John!
    Much love. 🙂

    1. eightdecades Post author

      I think your choice of the written word is also a valid choice, I did not write anything much or serious until about 15 years ago, so I feel that it is in addition to the art side. Perhaps at some point you will choose to add the art side into your writing as well, but writing is it’s own art form and just as powerful, perhaps more. I wish I had attended my writing much sooner as it really is a joy to work in words. I am so impressed by the word work of others, as yourself, and have much enjoyed your postings and selections of ideas to put forth.
      I do appreciate your following and commenting it is all helpful. No matter what age we are at, it is the opinions of others that give lift to our efforts.

  2. WordsFallFromMyEyes

    I love your art blog. It’s just beautiful to imagine you out there being artistic each day. I don’t have a studio, but do need shelves 🙂

    1. eightdecades Post author

      Thank you for your compliments, I do appreciate it, as you know we all need to hear from others about what we do! As to shelves, I am also getting ready to put up a few more to hold an ever growing array of stuff. It is coincidental you should comment, I was on your site about an hour ago, but was interrupted with a phone call, in the middle of reading your latest post. So now I will go back and finish it. thanks for looking in on me.


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