Technique tips

Perspective;  Using the drawing board for perspective.  Every one has one, and some people draw one in  their work. Not every rendering needs a perspective layout. I am speaking about the underlying lines that form a visual perspective, not a conceptual one.

In this tip:

On a large drawing board, place a horizontal line halfway up. Place two push pins about 4 feet apart on that line, one on the left edge, one on the right edge. Tie a 4 foot string on each one. This gives you two point perspective. When placing a drawing paper on the board, you can adjust it left, right, up or down to suit your perspective needs. After attaching (tape) a sheet of paper on, Use the string to establish all the necessary lines from the vanishing points to create your drawing viewpoint

I use a large drawing board for most of my layouts  that are to be seriously rendered. even small drawings. (My board is 5 feet wide and 40 inches tall). Often I begin with a simple sketch on a sheet of 8.5″x11″ copy paper.

I do a quick rough layout in perspective without any serious guidelines, Then guess at where my horizon should best be to suit my sketch, placing it on the board to match up the lines with my string. Now If I wish to change the size, or location or adjust the vanishing points, I can achieve all that by moving the sketch and trying out the strings until I have a satisfactory viewpoint. Once established, I can then add all the key lines to the drawing with the strings.


2 thoughts on “Technique tips

  1. WordsFallFromMyEyes

    60+ years – wow. I didn’t realise your age. Cyberspace is marvellous like that! All I saw was your art.

    1. eightdecades Post author

      Yes I am now 69 and counting, I have seen events in eight decades. I do have a bit of experience, in both life and in art.
      Thank you for your comments, and your postings as well.


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