dip-pen-zentangle_web  Dip Pen and India Ink on 8″x10″ bristol 2 ply

I like to work in many different media and styles.  Keeping my hand in ink is important, especially with a dip pen, because it is hard to keep the flexibility of hand and wrist and arm to do these doodles.  So, I try and do them often, as if I were going to do some important ink renderings someday.  I have only done one decent ink rendering in months,  “Geese Mate for Life” illustration a couple months ago.  So, I doodle.

I don’t know about other artists, but I seem to be in a state of always being ready, but not often enough acting on that!  When I read about the great masters of the past and see their body of work, it makes me feel very un-masterful.  Yet in my art heart, I know it is just about here, any moment now, and To Doodle is to stay ready.

I’m not ashamed of my own of work over the years; I just could have done better, so now I will.

These doodles are stream of conscience drawings, no plan, just outcome.  Good for the hand-eye and heart, but more emotion is needed to make them art.  They are just some of my different forms of being artistic.




6 thoughts on “Zen-Dip-Pen-Tangle

  1. Shelley Wilson Art

    Oh, my, but I understand! I do! Yet you have give words to what I was feeling. I never had the words for it before. I like ART HEART and that TO DOODLE IS TO STAY READY and feeling UN-MASTERFUL. I understand! And I am inspired to stay ready.

      1. eightdecades Post author

        Thank you again, I have been looking across your site as well, I can see why you like zentangles, you do some very nice complex art as well. I love your pattern work and color choices for it. good site too. Ill click to follow and return for more.

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