Names of Things

Gaura-Lindheimeri_web Gaura Lindheimeri – Graphite on bristol 3″x6″

There are so many wonderful shapes in nature, and so many different types of plants and flowers.  Yet someone comes along and names them!

When I saw this little beauty, with its own name tag, I just had to add it to my memory and sketch it.  I find that once I have rendered something, it becomes a permanent element of myself.  So I choose carefully what I render.

I seldom know why I choose something, it just speaks a need to be rendered.

Just like things need a name, they need to become a part of someone.




2 thoughts on “Names of Things

  1. mixedupmeme

    I am just thinking…… we/two people can be looking at the same thing but how differently we see an object … leaf/flower.
    I wish I could draw and make things come alive on the paper.


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