Rose Buds

Gather ye rose buds wherever you may.  8″x10″ crayon on 20# bond paper. When “Artisting” with my grand daughters I often do a simple sketchy drawing with crayons. A sort of sample to set the tone. Over time these drawings sit around and sometimes get worked on after the kids have left, and I find myself wondering if the sketchy drawing should find it’s way into a more serious piece. This is one that is now moved over to the drawing board for a more in-depth consideration. When done these become stepping stones for the young artist grand daughters to see how their work can be rethought and reworked. They very often do take another go at it. If not they carry the experience forward until next “artisting” day.


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7 thoughts on “Rose Buds

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  2. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words

    THANK YOU!….I will keep you posted on the progress…
    though it may be a Bluerose….if you don’t mind….though it would go in a red & white quilt
    I really appreciate your generosity letting use it…
    and YES, but up the more of them….I would love to see them…
    Take Care,…

  3. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words

    a rose bud
    tightly held
    warm within
    as it begins
    to unfurl
    soft petals curl
    with the morning sun
    a perfect rose
    no matter how glorious
    is never done
    though sometimes it’s close

    oh I love this !….what a wonderful work of art….

      1. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words

        you are so very welcome!
        this is a beautiful work of art…
        I would love to use it in a pattern for embroidery on a quilt I am working on….
        I am in awe of your gift….your talent…( okay and envious LOls)
        Take Care….You Matter…

      2. eightdecades Post author

        Please feel free to use it if you so desire, I would love to see it in such a placement.
        I am surprised as I have many crayon drawings I have done with my grandchildren on our “artisting” days, perhaps I will post a few more in the future.

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