Crayon on Crayon

crayons Crayons “Artisting” with grandkids  8.5″x11″ Crayons on 20# bond paper.

When my granddaughters asked, “What can we color?” I answered, “Color your crayons!”  I was just being funny, but they set about doing it, and so did I.   We did this with our pencils and ink pens as well, but this image is my renditions in crayons.  It is really a challenging thing to render, more so than at first glance.  After an hour or so, they begin to copy and mimic the shadows and the positions and generally re-compose.  I posted my version as I don’t have their permission to post theirs.  We had some fun when we placed the artwork flat on the table and mixed some “real crayons” with the drawing.  Guess I should post that here soon, too.  It is good practice and fun to do with the kids.

Below is the photo with the crayons on the crayon drawing; a little lighting and some shadow and contrast matching in the computer, but otherwise, the same image.


To see a master crayon artist, visit Don Marcos site.  He does world class art in crayon.  A few years ago, he taught his secrets to Kristina Nelson who now is becoming a master at crayon as well.  She does some outstanding original work in crayon, as well as creative originals.  Check out an interview with her here ->



2 thoughts on “Crayon on Crayon

  1. julieviolin

    Those crayons make me want to pick up a crayon and do some artisting! They look better and more fun than the real crayons and I love love love the photo you captured of the real crayons marching on to the page to become art. So creative. Thanks for sharing. I would love to see the ones by the little girls too. 🙂 🙂 🙂


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