Ruby comes to visit

Ruby-2_web Ruby is a famous pit bull service dog of great fame

Pat Bettendorf and Ruby the dog came to visit and get ready for a book signing event. We talked blogs till we were blue in the face.

Check out Pat and Rubys web site for really great stories and interesting images of this famous dog. Rubys tale I tell you this because Pat is thinking about joing the ranks of bloggers. As an author he has done the books in the trunk and promises of greater tomorrows. Today he sees the future for blogging, I think.

Pat and Ruby have 2 books currently out (Rubys tale and Rubys Road) and someday maybe a third. Pat self published for you out there doing this you know what that means.


2 thoughts on “Ruby comes to visit

  1. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words

    Ruby looks very content in front of the fireplace, she is beautiful
    and somehow I knew you would have a twinkle in your eyes ….
    I went over to read what you pointed too, I will get the book…
    I have “many” rescued creatures…so I know I will love the story….
    Thank you for sharing …..
    Take Care…You Matter…


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