If it were mechanical it would be easy.

So for months now I have wondered why incoming comments were sparse; was it my writing style . . . was it my postings?  Maybe bad art work and content?  Self-doubt reigns supreme!

I went out on the internet and looked at and responded to many great blog sites; it has been both fun and enlightening, and I actually have received some great comments, too.

I did not notice, however, all the comments I have received were from blogs I visited. I am kinda slow on this uptake!  Until yesterday when someone asked me where my comment box was?  It had disappeared, and I had not even noticed!  Well, cut me some slack as I am not a techie.  So back at the controls, might as well be trying to land a 747 after the pilot passes out and they ask for volunteers, “Hey, I’ll do it,” (better than not trying, huh?).  I know, it is simple, right, then you look at the dashboard and it is “deer in the headlights.”  Keep  aixelsyd (dyslexia) in mind here. Well, gladly we are on the ground and it is just the dashboard of wordpress.

So I will give it another try!



15 thoughts on “If it were mechanical it would be easy.

  1. Charlotte Hoather

    When you first come on to your site through your picture link it takes you to your post with no comment facility, then I figured out you have moved the comment facility under a new header blog-one page true tales and that’s how I was able to leave a comment but it took me a couple of visits to figure it out 😉

    1. eightdecades Post author

      Thank you for persevering and finding the comments box. I didn’t move it, it ran away from home. I am trying to change the pages to get it back, but may have to use a different template, or set up.
      This year I will be getting the wordpress.org site up with a gallery in it, linked up so that may help.
      I have been enjoying your christmas 12 days postings.
      Happy new year to you!

    1. eightdecades Post author

      So true, mostly I am working on making a working blog, I do little social media other than responding to comments.
      How have you been as well? getting ready for Christmas here! So to you and yours a Merry Christmas!

  2. RebellRed

    I wondered where you went? your posts have not been showing up in my reader .. And your not the only one whose posts have not been showing up. It’s weird. Hope all is well!

    1. eightdecades Post author

      Your not alone, many of my and others posts have vanished
      I can’t seem to stay connected with 80% of followers
      don’t know if it is my settings or my ignorance of blogging.
      All is well, I have commented on your site twice in the last ten days.

      1. RebellRed

        LOL That’s so weird, I didn’t receive any comments / notifications?? I know no blogger platform is perfect but WordPress seems to be acting buggy lately. It’s funny several of the WordPress bloggers I know also express connection problems and state they find it discouraging to have so many followers but 10-20 likes and not much activity on their blogs. I think a twitter account connected to the blog definitely helps. I noticed massive spikes/increased site views as a result of incorporating twitter and utilizing hashtags. 🙂

      2. eightdecades Post author

        Yes I think you are right. I think also that the comments I get are usually specific and not generic. I have heard that twitter comments can be very surface though I don’t really know because I have had no experience on twitter as of yet. I suppose facebook is helpful too. It is also having content that someone actually is interested in, and I guess I am trying to focus on what that is that my site might provide. Thank you for responding too.

      3. RebellRed

        One thing I noticed with twitter is that while tweeting my links drew curiosity and at one point 80 hourly site views it did not generate/ draw any new comments or commenters. Just a case of bad twitter marketing on my part .. lol.. … I’m sure mere novice mistakes. This is my first year blogging and more than anything I have enjoyed making wordpress buddies, its been fun. I only follow about 10-20 blogs personally and comment regularly on 5-6. As a result I also noticed I stopped searching new for new blogs to follow. I think this has something to do with the big picture.. also youtube. I recently came across scishow they know what they want fast science presented with humor/sarcasm. It’s good-stuff . By the way I really enjoy your writing style always a good read! 😀

      4. eightdecades Post author

        That is good information. I follow about 60 blogs, lightly and perhaps 20 more in-depth, responding to ten fairly regular. I look at perhaps a hundred or so new blogs a month because I really like seeing stuff. I will look at scishow is sounds like something I too would like. Thank you for appreciating my writing style, I didn’t know I had any. I love youtube

      5. eightdecades Post author

        Visit, lightly, you know take a peek and see if they fit my interests.
        But I only respond to about a handfull on a regular basis as it is just too time consuming. I have also been watching sicshow. and as you said, it is very interesting. thanks for the tip.

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