Are You Hearing Voices?


When blogging, do you find new voices within that were silent before?  They were there, but there was no place to speak them so they went unheard, unformed and just bumped around sticking to each other until some critical mass forced them in or out of your mind? No place for them in the social normal world.  Like a record un-played.

The hard part is creating new sentences to exhibit these voices; to express them by word-smithing so they can be said.  Realizing that the way we talk and the way we write are not the same, especially nowadays, not the same as we learned in our youth, either.  The way blog readers read and the way they perceive the story are also not the same as in the walk-around world, either.  We are socialized individuals, specific to our own people, time and environment and choices and our thoughts don’t always fit just because we have them.

I gave some really deep thinking time to this and a few unseen thoughts came up.  For one: Those of us older than a CD player, our world had to add new words just to keep up.  For those who played with cabbage patch dolls or micro machines, the words, sentences and ideas are made of even different elements.  Brown paper wrapping and string ties mean little to modern children, but the care and value of a friendship once was discernible by simple tells in the tidy twists of a string bow, and saving both the paper and the string was normal.

Another was: These things are deeply seated in the sentences as I try to form a communication with a world that no longer remembers how those specific things felt.  I worry not that those feelings are lost because they are not, they are just assigned to new icons but are still felt in old common ways.  When the language of today’s younger folks is understood, and we take time to express out our older word assemblies, most of us can still communicate, but that is where those new voices that were silent emerge.  With new constructions of how to explain old memories arise, new thoughts arise with it and new inner voices introduce themselves.

I didn’t know at first that as I go out looking for interesting blogs to sift through, this other voice, the one that I don’t show in the walk-around world, is here within the internet, here in a new time.  At first it felt as if, we who are older than ball point pens or pocket calculators, might be at a disadvantage but now I realize that I have been alive through all that today’s youth has been, though I am not immersed in it, while they have never received a gift wrapped in brown paper tied with string that has been used a dozen times, nor eaten fruit preserved by being dipped in wax.  No one can keep up today; actually, no one wants to, but all of us are discovering new voices within, courage to use those voices and not being silent anymore because there is a place to speak.  No one glances away or says to be still; if they lose interest they just click away and what is written sits and awaits someone else to speak to.  I go to bed and don’t wait around, then magically someone rings the bell and comments to my new voice and we all smile.

Don’t you just love blogging with a new voice?


8 thoughts on “Are You Hearing Voices?

  1. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words

    your words are whispers I hear sometimes, and I wander in, life is more than crazy these days,
    I got back from Kansas this evening, my son had surgery on his hip…I enjoyed seeing him and my grandson…I enjoy taking care of my mom, both are on going conversations of words within emotions that sometimes needs to sit and wait….
    I have missed your thoughts, your words bring magick alive in more ways than you know ….
    always giving us a new way to ponder yesterday’s today 🙂
    I hope you are doing well these days…and creating one of kinds that only your eyes can show us….

    written conversations
    frustrations and salvations
    two friends find time
    to listen to the voices left behind
    no moment is ever wasted
    when life in full is created
    sharing joys and sorrows
    living words of today within dreams of tomorrow
    conversations with a cup of coffee
    whispers that smile softly
    your words make me smile
    across the miles

    Take Care…You Matter…John

    1. eightdecades Post author

      Yes so life is very much more crazy these days, It makes me wonder how words are so much like sunsets, always special when you attend to looking, yes so often we are inside when they happen, as with words and listening, we are often inside ourselves when they are happening and we miss the splendor of the moment.
      Maybe crazy is when things are first noticed more than when they are really happening making the time seem out of sync. Unexpected events that have been happening all along like the clouds all day long until the sun hits them in days last moment and they surprise us. Then it just seems like every moment should be like that and every sorrow should wait until we have finished looking at the sunset. I am glad today was, but I will be more glad for tomorrow because today was not all it could have been, and as long as we all look for tomorrow and delight some in today we can have those dreams keep us reaching.
      There is caring and kindness to expect, so we should expect they will visit you soon too. Perhaps with the sunset!

      1. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words

        another sunrise, another sunset
        just a little lost these days, no I didn’t just forget 🙂
        I think I have made it to the point of delighting in the day, not looking for tomorrows memories to be made….if I have a camera handy I take a photograph, if not I just enjoy…..takes a lot of pressure off, perhaps Mother Nature wanted to share with the ones that were paying attention after all, not the ones trying to hold on to the sunset to remember the moment not the the feeling within that moment…

        I hope you are doing well in your world John….
        Take Care…You Matter…


      2. eightdecades Post author

        I did not forget either, nor did I ignore.
        This months distractions have been ever more.
        I too have been photographing the world outside.
        Often on the other side of the door.
        Yes today is important, more so than tomorrow.
        We know we have it, and must learn to set aside sorrow.
        I too hope you are doing well in your world and thank you for your responses, it helps make the day


  2. carentaylor

    A wonderfully written piece 🙂 I smiled when I read the brown paper and string parcels, it’s something that I told our children about from my childhood, and sad too that today’s youngsters will never understand! Yet, whenever I send/give my daughter a parcel it is done just that way (she’s 27) she gets very excited just by the way it’s wrapped, regardless of what is inside 😉

  3. Mark Lanesbury

    Very well written John. We do wander this world with all this data relating to how we lived….but it all changes as time goes on.
    At a grand old age of 56 :), I’m head first into this blogging world and how I used to communicate went out the door…BUT…it was converted first. And suddenly I find myself a part of the 21st century again when I thought it had finally caught up and was leaving the station 😀
    Change…that’s the key, adapt and change and the understanding comes with it because we are changing inside as well. Thankfully that’s how we are designed 🙂 Great post.


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