Get It Now

I have some Art advice worth sharing. When a child needs art equipment—find a way to get it for them.

My grand daughter is a young aspiring artist and loves painting, also she loves art supplies, tools and equipment. She has fallen in love with the idea of getting a French easel (usually $140 plus unless on sale) and is saving towards it. Family members have discussed getting it for her birthday. “Really”….if she were a hockey player or in any other sport it would be equipment needed for playing the game and would be purchased immediately as needed. Because it is art the tools are thought of as gifts instead of equipment. This is her sport. She needs it now.

As to materials and supplies, magazines and books that support and enlighten the young artist, well birthdays and Christmas are great times to fatten up the studio with the more exotic or expensive items, but like a hockey stick and gear, an easel is the gear of an artist, a main tool, so are general supplies. Paper and brushes are like tape and hockey pucks, they are a consumable and replacements are needed continuously.

It is not a pony or a castle. most kids today have a cell phone worth hundreds, and most small studios for a child can be equipped with materials, supplies and equipment for the price of one cell phone or e-device. Start with a French easel, they are portable, small and very versatile.   is a good place to start.

Get them now get them going you never know how long the “Muse” will await a child.

The tip…don’t just think about it and don’t  forget about instruction, lessons and exposure by a real capable teacher for art, a mentor if possible.






6 thoughts on “Get It Now

  1. mary

    I thought you had painted yourself into one of your incredible watercolors 🙂
    i miss seeing your creations here……..though i know life gets in the way sometimes and time slips through our fingers….
    I hope all is well in your world…
    Take Care…You Matter John

  2. Brenda Ball

    Such a great insight about the art supplies. Thank you, from a grandmother of 8 grandsons and a mother to 4 sons. I will start with special items. Also, I own one of your paintings of a side profile of a little Indian boy and I love it. He has a Peter Pan soul to me and will be forever young. Most of all I feel something special when I walk by him. Do you remember the painting. I believe it is an acrylic on board.
    I love your stories, you have the gift of a writer who can transport us right into the center of the story.

    1. eightdecades Post author

      Thank you for your kind words, I do remember the little indian boy, and yes the art supplies is very important, it will also connect you to them for many decades to come.

      Thank you for commenting


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