Things change….Tech is moving so fast nowadays, I have heard that from the beginning of recorded history that 5 exabytes of information were created up to the year 2001, and after 2010 that 5 exabytes are created every three days. What ever an exabyte is!

So learning now how to aggregate, and curate and share has become a new adventure. We are all not only competing for space and notice, but we are responsible to contribute in a meaningful way so as not to waste each others time.

I have been told that if this page is not interesting, people won’t spend time on my site. Is that true? Oh, and a bit of a work bio too, I’ll put that in somewhere as well.

Compelling (and true!) stories, good art work and an opinionated artist, all in one place.  I think that is interesting, but I have (I’m also told) a very different and unique set of experiences over a lifetime.  So, I am going to blog about that. Then there is my opinion – well, that is why people blog—to give their opinion, show their stuff and share their life.

Here goes — I am an “Artist, Designer, Maker of Things.” I have experiences touching eight decades of history.  Although painting is my first passion, I have worked in many materials, some exotic, some technical and some just plain stuff.  I have worked with many famous people and in dynamic situations. Hollywood, stars, movies, special effects, Disney, EPCOT Imagineering, and Muppets, as well as Hello Kitty, are all in my history somewhere.  Doll houses, the atomic bomb and Coca Cola, too. Oh – and trains, locomotives, and the Wright Flyer; well … a list that will take a blog to tell about.

Illustrating and writing stories from this journey is what this blog is about.  Like all artists, I have my own thoughts of what is worthy of using the hours of my life on.
This is a truth in art . . . make good art, tell a good story, and someone will like it.  It is disrespectful to expect people to waste their time on meaningless stuff, I feel a responsibility to try and develop a blog site that does not waste or distract my readers. Nothing stands so well as work well done, so I believe we should at least try and do really good work, show really good work, and strive to achieve our best version of ourselves.

Experiencing the internet with all its access to great art and artists is a delight. Living in these exciting times, it seems useful to both write, share, and comment on my own experiences.
Artisting (my grandkids’ word) is a noble vocation, and using accumulated skills to retell accumulated experiences will hopefully culminate in a work of its own.

I hope you enjoy the blog and I hope you will return or follow. Thank you for your visit!

John Michael Cook  AKA; eightdecades