String-Theory_webString Theory 6″x10″ Gel pen on Bristol 2 ply, computer background fade.


Strings-&-Fall_webStrings & Fall

5″x8″ Micron on 20# bond

Started out as a doodle, became an abstraction and later was used as a program cover for Crescendo Youth Orchestra.

I think all doodles are just journeys that are incomplete.  With no destination or purpose in mind, a doodle begins to tell its own story.  The rules of the world do not yield to this and begin to impose purpose and form into a shape.  If you keep at it long enough, it becomes an abstraction of something.

The paper responds by supporting the ink or the pencil marks, making a record of nowhere you are going, but only where you have been, until an image begins to speak its own identity.  It may be a response to thoughts or a tale of hopes, or just a hand memory of motions, but if one keeps moving the drawing tool across the recording surface, the lines become a picture of some sort, defined by the page dimensions and the intensity of which marks are made.  The mood you are in can guide it into a response or comment unknown at the beginning.

This is no small event, because, like a hologram, every rendering contains every experience an artist has had, or hopes to have.




Sometimes an abstraction is just a better way to express yourself.  Very often, some combination of images arrive in the mind at the same time.  To separate them into their various parts would be a normal reaction, but to just try and grab what it is that is impressing itself is more … well, more genuine, or is it more accurate?

This image is a felt tip marker and Sharpie marker response to thinking too many thoughts about getting art work together for a show.  It was not contrived, just rendered as it presented itself in a long doodle gone design rogue.