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Loco-motive Christmas

I think most people love trains, especially at Christmas! So a couple few years back doing a card with a train engine just seemed to be the ticket. My family had been giving me train parts for a few years so I could put one in my studio, you know up overhead so it goes around to my delight and for everyone else a distraction. It is an LGB that stands for Lehmann Gross Bahn a German toy train company.  these train sets are a large gauge (G scale) and designed to go in the garden or outside as well as inside. So that year on my birthday I finally had received enough pieces to put the train on enough track to go around the kitchen and dinning room floor. Kids and grand kids all helped, real smoking smoke stack, light in the front and all. My wife loved it for a couple hours then started pointing to the upstairs where my studio is and began mumbling something about the ceiling. It just seemed to be the perfect Christmas card subject. I scanned a photo of the engine into photoshop and painted in a background. The original engine was all yellow, and that would never do for christmas so I added some red and black. Distractions have kept me from getting it put up but I think this year I will get it installed into my studio. Since that time I have been collecting a few pieces of old Lionel trains and now have enough to put one of those together too.

After Christmas i will also post a few rail road paintings I have done.

58 Years of Christmas Cards


Seasons Greetings

Christmas is a favorite holiday and making and sending cards is a tradition in our home.  My wife loves to send them out and I have been making Christmas cards since childhood.  First time I sent out my own cards was at age twelve, hand-painted, about a dozen, cost 4 cents to mail one.  Typical postage was 3 cents, but I went heavy on the glue and glitter, so I had to add a one cent extra stamp.  There was no way for a kid to reproduce cards in those days, so each one was different.  Many people did this, and my inspirations came from the work of others, and observing cards made by Hallmark.  It would be a decade and a half before I learned how to silk screen cards, which my wife and I did for a decade after that.  Once we acquired our own copy machine we began to produce a black and white outline and then hand-colored them in with paint and colored pencils, and that went on for two decades.

Let’s see—that would add up to forty five years.  Along came the computer!  The world of handmade cards changed.  With a scanner and a color printer I could do one original color card, scan it, edit it and print a whole bunch.  Our card mailing list grows and shrinks over the years as people move in and out of our lives.  Over the years we have had maybe a half dozen people who told us they have saved them all. I haven’t even saved them all, maybe I have twenty or so.  I missed doing cards maybe five years out of the fifty eight years of cards where I either bought or failed to get them done.  Perhaps I will make an effort to find the lost ones; I don’t know, but I will post a few of them over the next few days just to wish you all well and what else can I do with them but share on a blog?

Seasons best to you all……………..