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Fancy Grapes

fancy-grapes_web   Fancy Fruit Grapes

11″x17″ Graphite on 2 ply smooth bristol.

I undertook to make a visual statement; however, this was the first one and I was half way through just rendering some grapes for practice when I became inspired to do a fancy set, so this image has only a beginning fantasy element to it (and very understated at that). The image is one of five in a set of fantasy fruit graphite renderings (named Fancy Fruit) inspired by how fruit tastes to me. Each one became a little more “fancy” not to extreme, just fancy.

It was originally meant to be just a black and white study piece, but after the muse came, it became a set of 5, and now I think the idea would be better in color.  However, so many other paintings have come into mind, and before that happens I worry that I will ever get new color work done on this.  If I do, they won’t look the same, something wilder with splashes and juicy drippings I think.

Bristol is a very durable material, I love working on it. You can work, re-work, erase, and glaze this material many times before it fatigues.  If you make mis-judgments, (me-I never do)-(well, that is not true) that is why I use bristol; it is very forgiving.

I will get the other four images posted late this week.