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Seed Pod Fantasy

Seed-Pods_web Felt tip Papermate pen on Bristol 2 ply 8″x8″

A study for a larger color work, part of a “natural” set of doodles I seem to always be sketching.  There is no rhyme or reason, just that over the years I have created a stack of abstract organic doodles.  Perhaps if I get them all together there will be an abstract organic garden of some sort. Maybe an unseen theme.




Feathers and Leaves


Feathers and leaves mandala

Felt tip pens and colored pencil 8″x8″ on bristol board.

This was a doodle to begin with, actually a half design scanned and flipped into a whole circle.  I do many of these types of images because I love the graphic outcome of a rendered doodle gone into art.  It is good practice for both hand and mind to make symmetrical images that have a self-justifying existence, yet mean nothing other than they are art. The mandala shape seems to have root in all ancient designs and in our mind as well.  Once a circle is drawn and filled with a design, it implies a meaning.  It is interesting how mandalas take on a life of their own as people assign a meaning to them.  Throughout history many such designs are attached to very meaningful causes and organizations.  This one is a practice doodle so don’t get too carried away.

It means I had fun!



Chili Peppers in Rococo Sauce

Chili Peppers in Rococo Sauce (8.5″x14″).

This was originally a pencil B/W doodle scanned into photoshop and colored. It was a half sketch (that is, only half of the design was drawn, copied and flipped, then stitched together to make a “whole”).


This is the B/W original drawing- half sketch pencil work. The grey tones were added with felt tip markers, and black areas and outlines done with Papermate felt tip pen.


I use it in my screen saver slide show!