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Sugar Boats

The sugar boats. Drawings inspired by images on sugar packs.

     Sugar-packs_web      Scooner-1_web Scooner-2_web sailboat-2_web Graphite on Bristol board, 8″x10″The small sugar packs were discovered at a coffee shop in Minnesota some years ago. I was attracted to them as a really nifty image and short story that was momentarily entertaining. Actually I am still entertained by them. Instead of using them I collected them. Originally there was a dozen, but someone at home one time used them not knowing I was collecting them. They discarded the paper packets and I have never seen all but four of these little treasures again. I stumbled upon them a few years back and decided to act on them. I do have one more to do, and lost one that I have done. I started rendering my version of how I felt when I saw them. I did not match the images exactly, just acted on their inspiration. It did occur to me that I like doing ship and boat pictures, and so do many others. What struck me as strange is why a sugar company felt compelled to place both image and information about sailing vessels on a sugar pack.

Sugar schooners

First commercial load of sugar

Upon research I discovered that when these schooners were built in the latter half of the nineteenth century, they were actually built to carry sugar, and were actually called sugar boats. There were bean boats and coffee boats as well. The sugar industry was a huge growing industry and was opening up the south pacific.