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Seed Pod Fantasy

Seed-Pods_web Felt tip Papermate pen on Bristol 2 ply 8″x8″

A study for a larger color work, part of a “natural” set of doodles I seem to always be sketching.  There is no rhyme or reason, just that over the years I have created a stack of abstract organic doodles.  Perhaps if I get them all together there will be an abstract organic garden of some sort. Maybe an unseen theme.




Adventure Fleet

Great adventures about to sail.  Original art pen and ink on 9″x14″  sepia ink MICRON 001 & OO5 pens on high toothy art drawing paper. Paper was a bit over absorbent and the pen had to travel without stopping or it would leave a stopping mark dot.

These [Micron] pens are great when they are new; 3 or 4 drawings later, they are good for post it notes. Maybe I am too heavy handed. (Anybody else?)


Geese Mate for Life !

\Geese Pair-2 Geese Pairs Heading South (Illustrated 2013) Crow Quill pen with India Ink on Crescent Illustration board 7.5″x10″.

After living in Minnesota for many years, the geese in flight and their honking arrivals and departures, have become a  familiar bird watching experience.   It is always exciting to watch and also to illustrate.  Geese are a messy bird and some would say a bother.  True, if they are on your front lawn, but in the air they are magnificent.  This bird mates for life and flock as a group for life as well. Wildlife painting requires good research information and observation, sometimes seeing the geese fly gives enough inspiration to go do the research or get the camera, or sketch pad out. Bird watching is not only a great and popular hobby, it is a great wildlife painter pleasure too!


Doodle One

In the morning, most every morning, I doodle. I used to doodle randomly, but after years (years and years) of doodling I realized I would rather "design doodle" than "sketch doodle" or "random doodle". As a result most of my doodles become designs of some abstraction.

In the morning, most every morning, I doodle.  I used to doodle (draw) randomly, but after years (years and years) of doodling, I realized I would rather “design doodle” than “sketch doodle” or “random doodle.”  As a result, most of my doodles become designs of some abstract rendering! Drawing and art in general are well served by doodling. I think to draw daily is one very important aspect both to do and to cause grand children to do too.

I use pencil mostly, but often enough, a felt tip pen can be found nearby, or an ink pen,(ball point will do). We keep a ream of typing paper near the tea pot for just such an occasion.