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Strings & Fall

Strings-&-Fall_web Strings & Fall

5″x8″ Micron on 20# bond

Started out as a doodle, became an abstraction and later was used as a program cover for Crescendo Youth Orchestra.

I think all doodles are just journeys that are incomplete.  With no destination or purpose in mind, a doodle begins to tell its own story.  The rules of the world do not yield to this and begin to impose purpose and form into a shape.  If you keep at it long enough, it becomes an abstraction of something.

The paper responds by supporting the ink or the pencil marks, making a record of nowhere you are going, but only where you have been, until an image begins to speak its own identity.  It may be a response to thoughts or a tale of hopes, or just a hand memory of motions, but if one keeps moving the drawing tool across the recording surface, the lines become a picture of some sort, defined by the page dimensions and the intensity of which marks are made.  The mood you are in can guide it into a response or comment unknown at the beginning.

This is no small event, because, like a hologram, every rendering contains every experience an artist has had, or hopes to have.




Adventure Fleet

Great adventures about to sail.  Original art pen and ink on 9″x14″  sepia ink MICRON 001 & OO5 pens on high toothy art drawing paper. Paper was a bit over absorbent and the pen had to travel without stopping or it would leave a stopping mark dot.

These [Micron] pens are great when they are new; 3 or 4 drawings later, they are good for post it notes. Maybe I am too heavy handed. (Anybody else?)