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Circus Comes to the City


Setting up the big top and awaiting the rest of the gang.

Circus Comes to Big City 2″x4.25″ (miniature), 1969, acrylic on upson board.

This is a very small painting of the circus setting up near the big city.  It is a very loosely painted picture for a miniature, but was meant to be a study.  Since I posted the clowns from the same era, I thought to get this little painting into the light as well.  It was shown in the Lake Havasu art show along with the dollar art (see story).  Notice the green sky tint, a hallmark of some of my work of that time.




Golden Gate Bridge

Golden-gate_web   Golden Gate Bridge. Oil on canvas miniature 2.75″x5.25″ Painted in 1969 after returning from San Francisco.

A very small painting on small stretcher bars (also miniature).  Until I visited this city, I thought of the bridge as the most important aspect to be remembered, but after touring the historic “Painted Ladies” part of town, I fell in love with Victorian homes.  Later in life I was so inspired by them that I designed and built several dolls houses in that style. That will be a later post.

There were many miniature painters 4 decades ago, and some really good ones now.  I went through that phase and still enjoy very small works with big ideas.