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Vision of a Perfect Day


Molly Greene challenges to write on this:  Describe your perfect day. 


She asked for in-depth descriptions and blow by blow accounts of what it would be like.  After thinking on it, I could only come up with an outcome of what it should be. The details don’t fit the way I wish a day to be.  So, here is my take on it.

My Perfect Day . . .

It is always good to wake up again, that is a beginning to a perfect day.  At the end of the day, to get to sleep when I am actually tired from doing, is good, too.

Between these two, it is perfect when my family is safe, encouraged and delighted to have awakened, also.  There are accomplishments that need to be rewarding enough to self-support, and contributions that need to be made without having to give short.  That would be good.  To continue to get better at the things I love to do, and not thwart the efforts of loved ones near me in so doing, well, that is almost perfect.

To add a day as an example that does not embarrass my family or friends, and sets a mark for them to reach for as well, in health, and healthy living, not forgetting from whence we came, or where we are destined to go, and know that it is a typical day, well I would like to continue doing that.

As to the materials of the earth, may we have a fair share as is earned and deserved, and not at the expense of others (there is plenty, you know).  Then, let the work of my hands and mind and heart contribute something needed, wanted, and useful.  All this will bring the joy and pleasure I don’t know how to ask for otherwise.  If I can do this while painting and writing, and my wife, children, and grandchildren have the opportunity that matches their desires too, well, it will be a perfect day.

Even if it is raining!

John Michael Cook  My Vision of a perfect day.

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