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Moonlit Garden

Hearts-Intents_web  Graphite on light bond paper, 11″x17″ (2002).

Often when a first doodling turns to a sketch, it seems words take part in the making of an idea. This was a case where a poem came into mind as the doodle became a drawing, and after a bit it became a rendering of a whole concept. The poem was setting there waiting for an image.

Often it is engaging to start a sketch with a basic shape, in this case a circle, and after giving a few guide lines it looked as a crescent moon. With a little dabbling it soon became a moonlit garden and it needed people.  It is unusual for me to come at a picture this way; I usually “see” the idea and refine it rather than see a refinement become a picture.

It is both disappointing and delighting to “find” an image rather than “create” an Idea.

This happens with watercolor painting, and painters a lot, the finding or accidental flowering of a great painting controlled but not contrived. They call them happy accident paintings, and over time take credit for the guided masterpiece.  I suppose it is true that mastery of the medium is a form of creating.  To me, it is more rewarding to see and then render, than to render and then see.