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Pool of Possibilities

Pool-of-Possibilities2_web Pen and ink on high bond paper 17″x22″

The easy part of this type rendering is no one can tell if you get it wrong, unlike a portrait or even still life of a bowl of fruit.  The hard part is less obvious; it is difficult to render an image that has never been seen before so it must carry enough information to tell its own story.  There is little room for sloppy pen work as it will detract from telling that story. Unlike abstract or stylized work in other mediums, pen and ink has a very strong line personality and must be either extremely loose, or extremely tight to carry off an idea image.  Once you have decided what is being rendered, and chosen a loose or tight rendering style, it must be followed throughout without mixing styles.  If done well, no one will notice any of this – they just see the idea and the image as art.  Hopefully that is what is here.




Seagull In Joyful Flight

Pen and Ink on illustration board 8″x10″ Rapidograph Tech Pen.

Graceful seagull in flight; they are a joy to watch and both fun and funny characters to sit and observe. Catching them with a pencil sketch and later converting to pen and ink works best. Grabbing photo research helps, but there is nothing like watching and sketching to get the feeling of how much they enjoy flying. Makes you want to stretch your arms out and try. If you watch the children watching the birds, they mimic their flight with out stretched arms and share their popcorn to encourage the joy. Canal Park in Duluth, Minnesota – one of the best places to see both children at play and birds at work.