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Spring Thaw


Watercolor on Illustration board 15″x20″

               Spring Thaw

There are places

      Where the melting snow flows

      Where beside a stream grows

      The wild tree

Random glances in open spaces

      Where the searching eye goes

      Where the sunlight shows

      The unlocking key

Earth warming traces

      Where new reflections pose

      Where all life knows

Spring ….. is breaking free

—John Michael Cook

All paintings unfold from a frozen state into a visual thawed state.  Much like spring, they were planted sometime before, awaiting the warming light of inspiration to bring them forth.  An idea comes into mind by some form of germination, or experience, or suggestion, from some stimulating moment.  Even the simplest of images are born this way.

This image is a mixed process watercolor.  Done with wax paper resist. Salt over the watercolor washes, and gouache white line brush stroke and drafting pen stroke.