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Shelve It

Everyone is different, but one thing is the same – no one has enough room in their studio!

Most people don’t realize that lumber companies will cut lumber purchases to order.

Shelf tip:  Get a couple 4’x6′ beams 8 feet long (pine) from the lumber store.  Have them cut into 11″ long blocks (8) from each beam; also get 3 -1″x12″x8 foot boards (pine), have them cut into 3 equal pieces each (9 shelves).

To separate the shelves, you can use the 4″X8″ blocks from beams or larger (also sized from larger material at the lumber yard), and longer shelves if you have the room.

Now you have a set of shelves that can be moved around or fit into almost any studio, set on tables or stacked in corners.  Need more, do it again.  They will stack very stable, hold hundreds of pounds and are very easily changeable.  There are cheaper materials, but few more stable or flexible and interchangeable.