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Seagulls of Canal Park, or 5 things you might not know about seagulls!


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These silly sea gulls provide both charm and agitation to the life of a plein air painter. After many days (years) of painting in the presence of Gulls, I learned at least 5 interesting things about them.

1. They know who is friend or foe. If you feed them they don’t dive bomb your floppy hat and leave you a present. If you ignore them they do! They learn to get close if you let them alone. They have a very good memory.

2. Young gulls start out brown not white. They are taught in a school by older birds and protected until they are almost grown.

3. Seagulls go very far inland and search for food in “dry” places too. They dwell around very small ponds too if there is food. Most like to live and nest on high bluffs or buildings.

4. Seagulls are very good swimmers and divers, and float just as well as a duck. They are a very smart bird, sometimes using bread crumbs to “fish”, attracting small fish to the surface to then dive on and grab for supper.

5. Seagulls can be found very late in the fall in Duluth, then one day they just vanish. I do know they are considered a migratory bird, and fly south for the winter. Although they live in flocks they migrate more haphazardly than ducks or geese and forage along shorter flights paths in steps until they find enough warmth and food. They are habitual and return to many same locations yearly.


Geese Mate for Life !

\Geese Pair-2 Geese Pairs Heading South (Illustrated 2013) Crow Quill pen with India Ink on Crescent Illustration board 7.5″x10″.

After living in Minnesota for many years, the geese in flight and their honking arrivals and departures, have become a  familiar bird watching experience.   It is always exciting to watch and also to illustrate.  Geese are a messy bird and some would say a bother.  True, if they are on your front lawn, but in the air they are magnificent.  This bird mates for life and flock as a group for life as well. Wildlife painting requires good research information and observation, sometimes seeing the geese fly gives enough inspiration to go do the research or get the camera, or sketch pad out. Bird watching is not only a great and popular hobby, it is a great wildlife painter pleasure too!